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          Representatives of Braod Spectrum
          braod频谱的代表收到2018 ACE奖。
          (照片由Justin ikpo的multiculural服务部)

          The Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ (CVM) Broad Spectrum was among the 18 recipients from across the Texas A&M campus to be honored with a 2018 问责, Climate, and Equity (ACE) Awards.

          Members of Broad Spectrum received their ACE Award in the category of Diversity Programming by a student organization, during the 2018 ACE Awards Ceremony on April 11 in the Bethancourt Ballroom, located in the Memorial Student Center on the Texas A&M campus.

          “我们非常荣幸能够获得这个奖项,”说广谱副总裁珍娜病房。 “考虑通过在主校区的多样性群体,以及惊人的事件,把对妇女的兽医领导力发展的主动性和声音对我们自己的小校园里做了伟大的工作,我们都感到惊讶和高兴能够被选为多样性编程奖。

          “这是肯定会激励我们在未来几年努力工作,继续把各种活动的兽医学校的校园,让人们可以了解LGBTQ +社区安全和友好的环境,”沃德说。

          The Diversity Programming Award, sponsored by Student Government Association Diversity Commission, is presented to a student or student organization that has successfully executed a program pertaining to diversity and inclusion in efforts to advance the campus climate of Texas A&M and educate members of the student body on a variety of issues.

          中编程的广谱,其工作是教育CVM有关LGBTQ +社区我们的专业范围内,并增加LGBTQ的意识的重要性,每年举办+问题,是展示你的颜色事件,邀请整个CVM吃午饭,打领带-dye与成员衬衫。

          “午餐时,我们玩一个TED演讲或告知人们的LGBTQ +问题目前在新闻,然后有什么,我们只是看到了小组讨论,”沃德说。 “本次活动的目的是让大家从研究采取一个有趣的休息和改善我们的心理健康,通过搭配死亡和有趣的谈话,以及带来的认识,对LGBTQ +社区,人们可能不知道或提高部分那些在LGBTQ +社区的声音说自己的身份和他们在世界上的经验“。


          “The college is so proud of this group. There is nothing more important than creating a learning and working environment that is welcoming to everyone, regardless of how you identify, where you are from, what your goals are, and what makes you truly unique and valuable. We want everyone—students, staff, faculty, and guests—to feel like they are a part of this remarkable college team. Each and every person makes us better.” —Dr. Eleanor Green, the Carl B. King Dean of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M

          “This group has stood up, led, and helped create an inclusive environment at TAMU, which has rippled across North American colleges of veterinary medicine.” —Dr. Kenita Rogers, CVM executive associate dean and director of Diversity & Inclusion


          “在2017年,该组织审议并决定在生物医学科学和大学学业,兽医专业的学生在大学开设其成员以本科生。此优惠会在2018年开花结果,将是出色的原因是多方面的:对导师,指导有关兽医专业,支持我们的本科生一个新的层面,并展示包括有形的方式,并为提供一个良好的环境我们本科生。” -dr。伊丽莎白·克劳奇,本科教育的副院长

          “I have been at the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences for over 20 years now and I can honestly say that the environment at our college has never been as inclusive as it is today.” —Dr. Joerg Steiner, professor and director of gastrointestinal laboratory



          ACE Award group photoThe ACE Awards, named in the spirit of the Texas A&M Diversity Plan, acknowledge and honor students, faculty and staff for their demonstrated commitment to the Texas A&M core value of respect by promoting respectful treatment of others, affirming and encouraging individuals to take pride in their social and cultural identities, and including all in their definition of the “Aggie Family.”


          The CVM’s Office of Inclusion & Diversity recognizes inclusion and diversity as a cornerstone of the CVM experience and essential for preparing veterinary leaders with a global biomedical and veterinary perspective.



          有关更多信息,请访问: http://tbgz.org/diversity.