" 足球比赛直播为什么要有解说

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          Texas A&M’s Response to Sixx

          Texas A&M University appreciates this opportunity to correct and clarify misleading information regarding our Duchenne muscular dystrophy research, which has been distributed repeatedly by the animal rights group PETA for more than two years. We would like for Rolling Stone magazine and its readers to have all of the facts involving this important inquiry because the research benefits both humans and animals.


          • Data from the Duchenne muscular dystrophy research conducted at Texas A&M University’s Department of Veterinary Integrative Biosciences led to permission being given by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a company to conduct a human clinical trial for young people suffering from the disease.
          • 足球比赛直播为什么要有解说


          • DMD是一种绝症,导致轮椅依赖于影响男孩青少年时期甚至开始之前。
          • 尽管许多治疗方法已在过去几十年里,所有动物的帮助下进行了评估研究,直到最近,科学家和能够开发面向实际的疾病病因治疗的医生。大多数科学家和医生认为,治疗将最终意味着相结合的办法,包括基因治疗和药物。


          • 足球比赛直播为什么要有解说
          • Unfortunately, no complete alternatives to animal research exist at this time, though Texas A&M currently uses computer models, epidemiological studies, cell cultures, and other alternative methods when possible, but none of those can give researchers the vital and comprehensive information that’s required.
          • 测试药物的有效性,以及是否会在人体是安全的,一个新的药物的影响,必须在活的生物体进行评估。这样的测试是在一个以上的物质通常完成,包括啮齿动物(通常为小鼠)和更大的动物(例如狗)。


          • 研究证明,DMD犬,更多的版本比任何其他动物接近地模拟疾病的人类版本。
          • 导致这种疾病的基因异常是人类和狗非常相似。我们也有类似的生理和免疫反应系统。因此,在狗的研究有助于预测人类将发生什么。这也是其它疾病和治疗已经过测试,包括血友病,遗传失明,关节置换手术和骨髓移植的真。
          • 任何有助于人类与疾病还有助于疾病的狗。记住,DMD也影响狗,和其他一些品种已经与疾病被自然地诞生了。


          • Animal activists have repeatedly used a video of a Golden Retriever cross named Jelly, shown with food on her face. The activists suggest the dog was being fed “gruel.” A Texas A&M veterinarian who helped care for her explained these moments captured on film: “Jelly had a reputation as a messy eater—it was just her eating style. She had an enlarged tongue so she had her own special method of eating. Their food is of the highest nutritional value and once she’d finish, caregivers always cleaned her up. We all were so sad to see her exploited in the video because that wasn’t her life—it was a moment in time. Jelly easily was one of the happiest dogs here.”
          • 另一个狗,poeney,示出流口水(和摇尾巴)在由动物活动分子分布慢动作画面。但是,他们从来没有解释,狗被示出来麻醉从心脏MRI醒来后。她昏昏欲睡,不寻常的行为是很常见的手术后的动物或人类的恢复。
          • 视频偷偷一位工人在中心拍摄于2013年和善待动物组织在2016年发布。
          • 从来没有折磨:医疗器械是用来测量狗的肌肉的力量。这些结果是在预测的治疗是否有效是非常有用的。强度也是人们治疗效果的一个重要指标。而狗是麻醉下,持续时间不到20分钟对狗的程序就完成了。试验在狗的一生做了两两三次,没有任何后遗症,例如,狗是不痛,没有跛行。


          • 作为兽医照顾者的一个解释道:“这些狗都是从出生直到他们离开这个世界的那一刻喜爱。”他们收到周围四小时兽医护理在世界级的设施,在2016年开业,他们在外面玩和有玩具和朋友一起玩。
          • 大部分的狗在他们的室友“狗公寓;”那些没有一个哥们谁只有这样做,因为他们已经表明,他们更喜欢自己的空间。如与宠物的情况下,有些狗是比别人更多的社会。都与人们的日常交往。


          • The DMD research at Texas A&M started in 2012. It has never been issued a citation or violation with regard to the care of these dogs. The work performed at Texas A&M’s world-class center is highly regulated and there is rigorous oversight by multiple organizations, including:
            • USDA(美国农业部)
            • 美国国立卫生研究院(国立卫生研究院)
            • AAALAC(国际非盈利性组织,通过自愿认证和评估计划,促进科学动物的人道待遇)
            • Texas A&M University’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee